Antenatal Classes for Your Pregnancy

Our face-to-face antenatal classes will provide parents a clearer understanding of pregnancy and baby care. We will help prepare you by teaching you about all the things you need to know to not just survive through your pregnancy and parenting journey but to thrive! We understand this can be an exciting and at times challenging time for parents and so have created a set of fun, evidence- based classes packed full of tips and tricks so you will be well prepared for your journey. 

We will endeavour to answer all questions and who better to ask than the experts! Our antenatal classes are run by Endorsed Midwives and Lactation Consultants, all experts in their field. 

We will work around you! We can provide antenatal classes in person or virtually. We offer both group and individual sessions. 

Only fancy completing a few of our classes? We have a package option for most of our antenatal classes- please enquire for further details. 


Types of Antenatal classes:

Surviving early pregnancy

  • 1 hour and can be added to the antenatal classes package
  • We teach you what you need from nutrition and exercise to managing morning sickness. We also cover different care providers and provide a guide to what to look for when choosing who you want present during your care and birth as well as where to birth your baby
  • This is a group class and morning tea is provided 


Hypnobirth class 

  • 3 hours not included in the antenatal package option
  • Learn breathing techniques, positions and meditation practices to help you cope with labour and birthing your baby 
  • Labour is a mind game and in this class, we teach you techniques to optimise your birth experience 


NOTE this is one of our most popular classes so please give as much notice as possible if you are planning on booking into this class.


Active Birth Workshop (learning birthing techniques and positions)

  • 2 hours and can be added to the antenatal class option 
  • Learn breathing techniques and positions to help you during each stage of labour
  • Learn all about natural and pharmacological pain relief options  


Thriving postnatally 

  • 1 hour and can be added to the antenatal class option  
  • So much emphasis is placed on the birth of your baby but the postnatal period is just as important and so often overlooked.
  • In this class teach you how to deal with common issues experienced in the immediate postnatal period including normal newborn behaviour, tips on settling your baby and what you need to prepare yourself postnatally 


Key steps to a successful breastfeeding journey

  • 2 hours and can be added to the antenatal class option 
  • Education and advise from an Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant/ Endorsed Midwife 
  • All evidence based information and advice to ensure you are off to the best start on your breastfeeding journey 
  • This class is best to attend antenatally however we are happy for postnatal Mums to join if they are having issues during their breastfeeding journey 
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