Lactation Consultation Services

This service provides you with evidence based breastfeeding support. You will receive continuity of care from your Lactation Consultant who will support you in tackling any breastfeeding challenges you may be experiencing.

All Bundle and Me Lactation Consultants are Internationally Board-Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and are specialists in assessing you and your baby.

During your Lactation Consultation your Lactation Consultant will assess and identify any issues and create a plan to help you to achieve a successful breastfeeding journey.

We also recognise sometimes breastfeeding plans require clarification or sometimes you may have more questions you need answered the days preceding your appointment. So, all Bundle and Me Lactation Consultations include a follow up phone call post consultation to ensure you are achieving your breastfeeding goals.

Lactation Consultants can assist with:

• Tongue tie/lip tie
• Blocked ducts
• Mastitis
• Engorgement
• Nipple trauma
• Nipple thrush
• Over supply
• Low supply

By booking in for a Lactation Consultation you have the ability to access any medications that may be required as all of our Lactation Consultants have the ability to prescribe. They can also refer for ultrasounds and request swabs/lab tests. Enabling us to provide a holistic service.

 Home visits 15kms from our clinic locations will incur additional travel fees. Please email us before booking.

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