About Our Services



We look forward to caring for you throughout your pregnancy, birth and during the fourth trimester.

After a home pregnancy test or your GP confirms your pregnancy, you will see us for an initial appointment to start your journey. 

Throughout your pregnancy you will experience collaborative care from our Midwives, GPs and Obstetricians. We also collaborate with an amazing local women’s health physio when required.

At each visit you will see an experienced Endorsed Midwife who will check the wellbeing of you and your baby. The Midwife will ensure all necessary tests and ultrasounds are carried out when needed, If for any reason an obstetric issue arises, we will refer on to our obstetrician Dr Phillip Rowlands for further guidance and assessment. 

We also offer home visits after birth with Medicare rebates for up to 6 weeks postaprtum. Our team is here to support you in the comfort of your own home. 

Call Tina (Midwifery practise manager) on 0421 66 45 75 to book a consult with us today.


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