Recovery Band

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The Bundle & Me Recovery Belly Band is a One Size Fits All compression garment that can be adjusted to your own personal fit. Our Australian-designed Recovery Band also provides the support your muscles require to recover quicker.

We have specifically designed the Recovery Band to fit discreetly under clothes and is suitable to use after a normal birth/caesarian section or injury.

Recovery garments aide in the treatment of

• Back pain relief
• C-section wounds,
• Perineal trauma,

May aid in recovery of postpartum conditions such as

• Abdominal muscle separation (Diastasis Rectus Abdominus Muscle DRAM)
• Lower back pain.

Benefits of The Belly Band

• Designed by Health Professionals
• One size fits all. Can be adjusted to fit as you regain your pre pregnancy figure
• Assists with recovery after baby is born providing both abdominal  and back support
• Ergonomic design promotes correct posture
• Provides compression, encouraging the uterus and abdomen to involute to pre-pregnancy state quicker
• Slim fitting design to ensure garment can be worn discretely under clothes
• Durable and flexible fabric
• Use at any point during your postnatal journey
• Suitable for both vaginal and caesarean births
• Health fund rebate may apply- please contact your health insurance fund for further information
• Proven to reduce postnatal recovery time
• Postnatal belly belt is great for reducing back pain
• After delivery your tummy remains

Listed on ARTC – Full private health rebates available 

Hand-wash only. Not suitable for antenatal use Material 66% Polyester, 34%