Who We Are

Bundle and Me are a team of Endorsed Midwives and Lactation consultants. We work as team with Obstetricians, Women’s health physiotherapists and our Paediatrician to provide women holistic care.

Endorsed Midwives are Midwives with extensive experience in Midwifery. We have completed advanced education enabling us to prescribe medications relating to pregnancy, provide Medicare rebates and order blood tests. We are specialists in providing women centred care. This means that we are qualified to look after you throughout your pregnancy; during birth and postnatally.

We work in both the private and public sectors alongside Consultant Obstetricians and

will refer our patients onto facilities of their choice weather that be into the care of an obstetrician, a birth centre or a public hospital.

Standard visits occur at 4 weeks, 8 weeks,15 weeks and 20 weeks. Then monthly until 32 weeks. We will tailor our care to suit your needs and will adapt this schedule to support you.

Pregnancy appointments are Bulk Billed and we offer home visit services during pregnancy and postpartum care with Medicare rebates.

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