Antenatal Care for Pregnancy & Birth

Congratulations on your pregnancy! 

We are excited and honoured to provide you with all your antenatal care needs throughout pregnancy journey. At Bundle and Me we have the unique ability to offer women the choice to receive their antenatal care in the comfort of their own home or alternatively they can opt to attend one of our clinics if that is more preferable.

You will also be able to see the same Midwife for each of your antenatal care appointments. We are excited to offer all women access this model of care no matter where their intended place of birth is (home, public or private hospital/obstetrician). Our highly experienced team will endeavour to liaise with your chosen place of birth to ensure you are able to access the antenatal care option that works best for you. 

At Bundle and Me we follow evidence based care guidelines to provide you with antental care tailored to your needs. 


What is antental care?

Antenatal care includes receiving support, information and advice from your chosen healthcare provider during pregnancy. Antental care often involves undertaking regular clinical assessments, and screening for a range of infections and other conditions as well as following up and managing any detected problems. The Royal College of General Practitioners states the key feature of high-quality antenatal care for all women is that it is woman-centred, meaning care that includes:

  • focusing on each woman’s individual needs, expectations and aspirations, including her physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual, social and cultural needs
  • being culturally safe
  • supporting women to make informed choices and decisions involving the woman’s partner, family and community, as identified by the woman herself.

These are the focus of the care you will receive through Bundle and Me as we know this will directly improve your pregnancy and birth experience. We encourage all women to be in charge of their care and we are here to support and advocate for you. 


What your Midwife will provide during your antenatal appointment:

  • Antenatal care tailored to suit your needs
  • Continuity from the same Midwife throughout your antenatal care
  • Ultrasound requests and reviews that may be required during antenatal appointments
  • Blood requests and assessment of results which will be reviewed at each antenatal appointment
  • The ability to prescribe medication if required during your antenatal appointment
  • Thorough assessment of you and your baby at each of your antenatal appointments 
  • Easy access to your Midwife throughout your antenatal care period
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