Package with Dr. Stas

Bundle and Me are excited to offer our patients the option to access continuity of care from our Midwifery team with the ability to also access care from a specialist obstetrician.

This package includes:

• Continuity of care from our highly experienced Midwifery team
• Regular antenatal appointments with Dr Stas
• Care tailored to your individual needs
• Education classes from highly experienced Midwives that will help prepare you for the arrival of your baby

Who this package would suit?

• Both low and high-risk women can access this package
• Dr Stas is highly experienced and is competent in all aspects of Advanced Obstetric Care including; management of twin pregnancies, vaginal breach deliveries and complex instrumental deliveries.

Continuity by the same midwife at each appointment

Antenatal appointment as needed with Dr. Stas

Birth at Glengarry hospital under Dr Stas care

Ability to stay after your birth at Glengarry hospital

Education classes x 2

Products to set you up for a successful breastfeeding journey including an antenatal expressing kit and a breast pump for building your supply once your babe arrives

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